There are several ways to use parchment paper and it includes much more than baking. The use of this paper can be as wide as the imagination of the maker: our paper is thin and flexible enough to be formed in any desirable shape and is firm enough not to break too easily. Also, its non-stick properties allow usage in any product making: from the sweetest desserts to the spiciest dishes. You can trust in parchment baking paper as the relevant kitchen supply, there are a couple ways of usage listed below.
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Parchment paper is suitable for aesthetic servicing and keeps the fresh looking products on a window shelf. As being said, first we eat with our eyes before with our stomach. The appetizing view is important for each culinary masterpiece. Parchment paper will prevent greasy spots, leakage and dryness of the products, keeping it fresh on the shelf for longer period. Parchment paper can be also used for wrapping and transporting the baked goods, such as cakes, bread, biscuits.



Parchment paper is a good solution for always keeping the kitchen tidy. Have you ever had to clean up the mess after grating the cheese or other product? Parchment paper can cover the counter and create a working surface while the rest  of the kitchen stays clean. Due to the silicone surface of the paper, any product can be easily removed and transferred.


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Parchment paper can be irreplaceable attribute for decorating products with a stencil. It gives a needed firmness and raw shape for the design, without leaving any prints. Surface covered in silicone is resistant to sticking to any surface and leaving pockmarks on product. Stencilling design will create a unique animated topping for confectionary goods, as well any other desirable surface.


There is no longer a need to buy disposable piping bags – parchment paper is a perfect alternative for all the confectionary product making. It is easily folded and firm enough to prevent any breaking. Since it is grease proof and moisture resistant, it can handle liquid substances without any risk of leakage of the product. Piping with parchment paper adds convenience since it can be folded in desirable shape and size.

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Using parchment paper for rolling the dough is another convenient and clean appliance for kitchen. Firstly, it covers the surface of the counters and saves time and discomfort for cleaning up after. Secondly, it can be quite challenging to replace the rolled dough from the surface to the baking set without damaging or breaking the base: this process gets far easier and efficient while using non-stick parchment paper.

Baking savoury

Covering the surface of the pan with parchment paper while cooking the product will allow to evaporate the excess of the liquids while keeping the top of the food moist. It is essentially important in order to prevent the dryness of the dish. Also, the product will not have the direct contact with a heated frying pan and will be prevented from burns or sticking to the surface.

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Lining forms

Another use of the parchment paper is lining forms of the products. It can separate the layers and prevent them from sticking together. Parchment will prevent the products from sticking to the baking pans as well, this can be achieved by placing it on the bottom and sides of the pan.

Baking sweet

Parchment paper is widely used in confectionery baking because of it’s main properties: non-stick and grease-proof. All the sweet products can be cooked and removed from the surface of the paper without any inconvenience and sticking. Everyone in the industry knows baking sweet can get challenging because of the leaking fillings – firm and resistant to moisture paper will keep the products in the right place and will save time for cleaning up after.

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