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Years of experience – liability, quality offer and innovation.

With over 15 years of recognition, AMBER PAPER offers an innovative product experience. Throughout all these years of being in the market, we are proud to present a wide assortment of  baking paper and to be recognized as a trustworthy partner.

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With many years being in the market, the company has learned to understand the needs of customers and provide the best offer.



Our baking paper is widely used and became an essential product for various makers: from households to professionals.




With a goal to be present all over the globe, we seek for flexibility and internationality: to fit the needs of every cuisine and world’s chef.

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Baking paper for Bakeries

AMBER PAPER offers a wide product assortment for all types of bakeries: from the small baker shops to big baking houses, we have the right measure for everyone. Our high quality silicone-impregnated baking paper is available in various formats, quantities and even shapes. AMBER PAPER baking paper has been noted to increase baking process efficiency in many factories due to reusability and non-stick surface. For the one‘s who always seek the best result – AMBER PAPER suggests to try premium baking paper SILIDOR.
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Baking paper for HoReCa

AMBER PAPER has quality to offer for HoReCa customers all over the globe – baking paper is being used in various cuisines and is highly appreciated by professionals. The use cases of AMBER PAPER baking paper is as wide as the imagination of the creator: it can serve not only baking purposes, but can be used for piping, stencilling, decorating, serving the sweetest confectionary goods and so much more. Due to it‘s grease resistance, the baking paper will ensure freshness and richness of the product each time.
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Grill Bags

AMBER PAPER grill bags are taking the quality of fast consumption food onto another level. Covered in food grade silicone without any chemical additives, our grill bags are resistant to heat and can be put directly onto the grill. The grease resistant surface prevents any leaking and does not pass any unpleasant odours or flavours to the food.
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AMBER PAPER products are multifunctional and dedicated to meet the needs for all sorts of industries. In the Specialities section you can find our specific products, with unique properties: higher grease resistant parchment, more firm kraft paper, paper with individual prints. The list goes on, because AMBER PAPER offers it‘s products specially altered to the demand of the market.
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Find wide assortment of formats and quantities in our product catalogue. If you cannot find what you are looking for, we can always adjust to your needs.
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Liucina RimgailėDeivydas PraspaliauskasFabrizio Cricchi
“We use AMBER PAPER for preparing our healthy desserts in a lot of different ways: from lining forms to making chocolate decorations.”
Liucina Rimgailė
Owner of Liu Patty
“AMBER PAPER is our long-term partner which I choose for the highest quality of the products.”
Deivydas Praspaliauskas
Owner and Head Chef of Amandus restaurant
“We use AMBER PAPER widely in our kitchen: from cooking traditional Italian dishes, such as lasagna or parmigiana, to preparing delicious pastries.”
Fabrizio Cricchi
Owner of Expressive Coffee and Gourmets