Grill bags – quality and style to your products

Grill bags – quality and style to your products

Healthy choice

High level grill bags, are the first new step into the healthier and more efficient grilled food production. Grill bag inside is covered in food-grade silicone without any chemical additives which protects food from sticking to the surface. Its heat resistance up to 220 assures the best quality each time.

Grill bags is healthy option for any grilled food making. Food, which is kept in a bag, stay moist throughout all the cooking process – there is no longer a need to use grease, oil or butter in your cooking!

Even more, cook without risking the flavor of the product! Grill bags protects the product inside during the baking process from passing unpleasant odors or flavors from the grill or other products. It is handy if you want to cook several meals at the same time!

Efficient use

Using grill bags is clean and efficient way to make grilled products. The bags, which are put directly onto the grill, protects the food inside. There is no fear of losing the food through the grill grates or having a grease leakage. Furthermore, it is an excellent way of putting herbs and spices to the food without losing them.

Plus, forget all the cleaning up after! During all the cooking process, the surface of the grill will be kept clean as new. It is extremely useful in fast food production industry, when you can serve customers at faster pace and gain more efficiency in your working process.

Custom product

Grill bags can come at moderate size and shape, depending on demand of the products! You will find the right format which will allow to make heavenly hot dogs, Panini, slices of pizza, burgers, tortilla and so on. Even more, we understand how important it is for companies to be visible and recognizable visually and that one of the most important representative features is company’s logo. Which is why we adapt and suggest grill bag product with your individual design and pattern.

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